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Tracing Messiahs lineage back to Caleb

Aktualisiert: 15. Sept 2021

Was Caleb the "father" of David?

Not too long ago, I posted a blog about Joshua being the progenitor of David. Now I think it might actually have been Caleb.

Here´s why:

King David was anointed King three times. (I Sam 16.13; 2 Sam 2.4; 2 Sam 5.3) He ruled first in Hebron. For 7 ½ years. This is a fact that I have often wondered about - why Hebron? Why Hebron? It was a puzzle piece that I could not make fit. So I ignored it, until now.

Reading through the book of Joshua - again - I took real note of the the fact that Caleb received as his inheritance, the "mountain" in Hebron, first from Moses, then from Joshua. (Josh 14.6-15)

Caleb is an Ephrathite, just like Joshua. (I Chron 2.24) Caleb is the son of the Firstborn Hur (see blog: Ben Hur) of Ephraim and Joshua was the son of Nun, or Non also of Ephraim. Thus it appears that Joshua was Caleb´s uncle. Like all Ephrathites, these two men of renown had a “different spirit” in them. Similar to Samuel, an Ephrathite and of course, to King David, a man after God´s own heart. (I Sam 13.14) (1)

We know that Ephraim was honored by Jacob and put before Manasseh as the Firstborn of Joseph. (Gen 48.20 - and maybe even: Mt. 20.16) Ephraim and Manasseh, the sons of Joseph, the Firstborn of Jacob, were assigned a place before the rest of the sons of Jacob.

So you see the “rivalry” between Ephraim and Judah was real, but in fact it was Judah who was envious (Is 11.13), not Ephraim, (who is still the one truly vexed) the true seed of which has no guile in him at all. (John 1.47 ) Judah on the other hand is always wielding a false scepter in an attempt to usurp. (Gen 49.10) The real scepter arose out of Israel (Num 24.17) This continual strife and contention is not unusal, as Judah´s offspring were mixed Canaanites and Edomites. (Gen 38; Malachi 2.11) (2/3) Both are men of the sword. (Gen 27.40-42)

Psalm 89.27 imparts that King David was appointed by God as His own Firstborn.

So being the Firstborn son in scripture is cogent. And Caleb was the son of the Firstborn Hur of Ephraim, the Firstborn of Jacob.

This is the first connection between Caleb and David.

The second is Hebron.

It is interesting that Hebron, at least as far as we know and are told today, is in Judah. How can this be? The Ephrathite David ruling in Judah? Looking at the map of Canaan, which they call Israel but this is impossible because Israel is a people, still scattered - Hebron is situated more or less in the middle. God chose the Firstborn of the Firstborn to be King, and selecting a City in Judah for his headquarters proves the need there for increased government.

Why Hebron? (2 Sam 2.1)

I believe because this is the city that Caleb chose. He was promised possession of Hebron by Moses in Numbers 14.24 due to his unerring faith. Caleb chose that "mountain", the true rock in lieu of the false one.

Out of all of his servants Caleb and Joshua were called by Moses his most faithful and obedient. They had a "different spirit", one that was carried on by David. Caleb´s inheritance was Hebron and so was David´s. It could possibly be that Hebron is the City of David – or even Mt. Zion. I do not know. Yet. But maybe someday I will find out for sure. And then I will let you know. (4)

One clue could be: "Yet have I set my King upon my Holy Hill of Zion ..." (Psalm 2) God told David to go to Hebron first.

1) The genealogies of the patriarchs have been scrambled. The reason being that ultimately we are to believe in a false god and lose our eternal joy in Heaven with the Almighty and the rest of the Saints. Here is another point where the plot of the lying scribes thickens. In order to create confusion, we are told over and over again that Caleb was the son of Jephunnes, who was actually of Kenaz and therefore an Edomite (of Esau). There is another Caleb who was the spawn of Hezron, who was of Judah. (I Chron 4) Already they are trying to make us believe that David was of Judah, which is a lie. This deception is woven thickly throughout scripture in order to misrepresent the Lamb of God as the "lion of the tribe of Judah", which will be one of the epithets of the "anti-christ" - the man of sin, satan in the flesh.

2) As I was writing this entry, a message popped up that it was unable to be saved. Thankfully, only part of the text was missing so I did not have to start over again.

3) "Tamar" was an Edomite. Way down at the southernmost border between Judah and Edom, there is a town called "Tamar).