• eschedor1964

There is nothing new

... about the New World Order.

The "new" world order is the chaos demolished by the Deluge, re-done. (1)

Including all the trappings of corrupted mixtures of all different sorts of "seeds".

(Jer 31.27; Dan 2.42-43) Noah was only spared, because he was perfect in his generations. (Gen 6.9) But his children and their offspring were not. (Gen 9)

This remaking has taken thousands of years to accomplish and now we find ourselves, again, balanced upon the brink of disaster.

The new world order is nothing other, nothing less and nothing else than the Tower of Babel, revamped.

The "creation" of the new and improved Tower of Babel II continges upon the dissolution of the "old" Creation, which just happens to be the established Order of the Lord God Almighty.

In my view, the "old" world is being dissolved, literally, by alchemical means.* The Laws of the Almighty Creator, our Messiah, are in the throes of dissolution as well.

Therefore, we can all now look forward to be being plunged into Chaos.

As above, so below. As it is in Hell, so on earth.

Tower of Babel take II is the descent of the earth and the fulness thereof into the pit of Hell. For a short time. (Rev 12.12)

And, there is hope.

Psalm 33.20-22

Our soul waiteth for the Lord: he is our help and our shield.

For our heart shall rejoice in him, because we have trusted (alone)** in his holy name.

Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, according as we hope in thee.

(1) New World Order speech by George HW Bush on 9/11/1991, 10 years to the day (and minute?) of the dissolution of the "twin towers" + building 7. This year, 9/11 will commemorate it´s 20th year. The time interim has surely galvanized force and "big" events are about to take place. Interesting how Bush talks about his "big idea", which ultimately will go out with the biggest bang anyone has ever heard.

Also, I do believe the Messiah was "born" into this earth on 9/11. Therefore all of the chaos and destruction on this day, trying to un-do and "bind" what He did, that cannot ever be undone.

*see my blog entry about the "glow baal"

**emphasis mine