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The Great Work?

“Corona” was the beginning of the end. “Corona” signaled the time of Jacob´s Trouble. A rider with a Bow and no Arrows (Rev 6.2). A “rumour of war” as described by the Messiah of Heaven and Earth. (Mt 24.6)

The new and improved “Delta” and “Delta plus” are harbingers of more grief to come. Revealers of a game-changer.

In Delta, we have the “D”, reflecting the “four”. (Four corners of the Earth, which the forces of darkness will to destroy. The Four Winds, which they invert with their “colliders” – see: CERN, which is short for: Cernunos, the horned “god”. And the vortices they spray in the heavens like pin-wheels).

And, more obviously, Delta means: “change”. Or even “THE change”. *

Thus, we should all brace now for the impending “change you can believe in” that Obama kept talking about. But please, do not believe in it, it is a lie and a trap. With everlasting consequences.

In the Bible, we often find God tallying “three things” and then, a “fourth” in a pattern He implements over and over again. (Amos 1.3-13, 2.1-6, Proverbs 30.15-29) (1)

So the Delta within the context of “Corona” seems to represent a closure of chapter one, and the opening of chapter 2. A sudden on-set of deliberately planned and executed radical upheaval for literal downfall that the el-ites have so eagerly awaited for generations upon generations. Their god. On earth. In the Temple. Claiming to be the god of gods.

The continuation of the Corona Saga includes, to a large extent, Climate Change. In fact, the New World Order of the Ages is based or founded upon “Climate Change”.

Here we have the CC in “Climate Change", the 33, which could be construed also as BB or even MM or WW. The BB is symbology for Sodomy (2) and the dig-it “22”, the MM is “13 13” or 44 and the WW is “23 23” or 55. All of this, of course, is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing to me. But the double-digits (DD!) galvanize the theurgy of the wicked, which is basically all about conjuring the beast in the flesh upon the earth, again.

According to the Bible, the beast will sit in the Temple, claiming to be “God”. (2. Thess 2.4)

It´s my best guess that the “temple” is being built by climate change,(3) which I prefer to think of as “climb-it, change!”

Yes, “climb-it, change!” is a command and a spell. The serpent-worshipping el-ites WANT the climate to change and they are encouraging the trance-formation of Terra and every living being and thing upon it to “change”. (7) (We know that God´s Law is perfect (Ps 19.7) and that it NEVER changes. If it did, it would not be perfect.)

By “Climate” the el-ites mean both the Atmosphere of the air as Habitat and the political/religious (6) Ambient. The minions of the devil mean to “change” both, in a literal and a figurative way. They want to be like the real God, working in the physical and the metaphysical at the same time, which of course they cannot. But, they can “make-believe” they can. And, if the forces that should not be can convince others that their make-believe is real, that is the moment when their pipe dream becomes reality. Or, so they think.

Because, when the tower of babel II is built and set to be populated by those who succumb to the strong delusion of make-believe that prevails currently, the “master builders” of iniquity will be in for a surprise.

Just when the wicked kings and rulers of the earth (Ps 2) believe their Dig-it-ALL (8) is in place to pull the plug on Reality, Judgment and the Wrath of God, His Rage will finally come down upon their heads. (Ez 22.31, Ps 7.11-17)


  1. The Open Scroll Blog has dealt liberally with this pattern of three things and a fourth. Feel free to search the Open Scroll Blog on your own. I do not endorse the Open Scroll Blog. However it can augment your learning to a point.


  3. If you build it, he will come. This is about building the tower of babel II for our collective descent into hell:

  4. Just like the “American Indians”, who were definitely one of the tribes or various members of differing tribes of the Hebrew people.

  5. It is spelled: asphalt, but I could not resist. This is an example of the spell-ing games satan plays. Due to our heavily programmed hard-wired brains, we often cannot de-cypher these little jokes of the devil. Which are not genuinely funny by the way, but often appalling.