• eschedor1964

The Abomination of Conflation

Infernal or Eternal?

Satan and its minions use a variety of tricks to mislead and misrepresent the truth, in particular, the truth that is contained with the Scriptures of the Bible. Satan wants you confused and deluded and hopeless when he comes to offer his "mark" of counterfeit salivation.

One trick is called "conflation" and it is an abomination.

Conflation joins that which should be put asunder.

For example:

The term "jew". This is a conjured word, the true meaning of which is: Esau. Esau is the "jew". This truth has been hidden in order to protect the guilty (Esau) and blame the innocent (Jacob) in order to confound all of mankind to their own damnation. (1)

Obviously, Esau is not Jacob. So why do we continue to conflate the terms "jew" and "Hebrew"? They are as different as night and day, darkness and light.

Hebrews in the Bible are alternately called "Nations", "Gentiles" and "Greeks". Galilee of the Nations refers to Israelite Hebrews. (Is 9.1)

Israel is the Nation of Ephraim. Judah is not Israel.

Israel was rent in twain when Judah defrocked Joseph and dipped his coat of many colors in goat blood. (Gen 37) (2) The rent was torn deeper by King Saul of Benjamin (which is in Judah) (1 Sam 15.27) and further by Solomon, whose son Rehoboam (a half-breed with an Ammonite/Canaanite woman) caused the prophet Ahijah to split Israel up for good. (I Ki 11.30)

Israel is a people, still scattered. (Ps 106.47, Ez 11.17, Is 11.12, Jer 23.3, Jer 31.10 et al)

Israel is NOT Canaan.

"Jews" are neither Hebrews nor Israel.

"Jews" are Esau, living in Canaan, calling it "Israel" as they counterfeit Jacob, who is still under the yoke (lock-down!) of Esau. (Jer 30)

Messiah is not Yeshua Hamashiach, whom the "jews" are still waiting for to come and subjugate Jacob under their tyranny forever.

Messiah, often referred to as Jesus Christ, is God Almighty, our Creator and Redeemer. Which belief the "jews", and the Muslims by the way, call "idolatry".

Messiah was not only "rejected" by Esau, who calls himself a "jew", but was crucified by Esau as well. King Herod was of Esau, he was an edomite. He was a "jew". King Herod slaughtered thousands of infant boys (144.000?) in an attempt to thwart the dawning of the light upon Galilee of the Nations, (Is 9) the Lost Sheep of Israel (not Judah). (Matt 15.24)

Therefore, the notion that the "jews" - that is - Esau - the synagogue of Satan (Jn 8.44-45, Rev 2.9) will "look upon whom they have pierced" (Zech 12.10) and believe, is a ridiculous mockery and a lie. Esau, the "jew", is awaiting his Moschiach, who is satan in the flesh, the lion of the tribe of Judah. And the whole world will follow after the beast, (Rev 13.8) because they believe the "jews" are the chosen people.

And all because the majority of mankind do not bother to read the Bible, nor do they care to understand it, nor can they differentiate, distinguish and discern between Esau/Jacob-Israel, the "jew"/the Hebrew, the Nations, the Gentiles and the Greeks, who are Judah according to Joel 3.6 and the Gospel of John 12.20-26. Indeed, the overwhelming majority has no time for truth and is therefore ensnared in every lie the minions of satan can conjure.

Other descriptions of Esau are: Mt. Seir, Idumea, Edom, which means: red. Right: communism. All of the "isms" are related to materialism, which is satanism, ruler over Mystery Babylon, governor of this dimension.

The names of Jacob and associated place names are: Israel, Joseph, Ephraim, Manasseh (who is Gilead), David, Mt. Ephraim, the Wilderness of Ephraim, Shechem, Shiloh (who is Messiah), Bethlehem, which is in Israel, not Judah. (3)

Messiah is: Jesus Christ, Emanuel, God with us, Wonderful, Counselor, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Creator, Redeemer, Savior, Joshua, Jehoshua, Hosea.

Messiah should never be conflated with "Yeshua" or "Yeshua Hamashiach" or simply "Moshiach". This is the god of Esau, the "serpent seed".

All of this conflation is an abomination that could lead to your damnation if you do not learn to discern.