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Spinning Baal

The spinning Baal theo-ry is just another Baal-game* dreamed up by the forces that should not be.

When I was in fourth grade, our teacher, Mrs. Neidhardt, told us that the earth was spinning around at 1.000 mph.

I was dumbstruck, literally. Dumbfounded. And scared!

What our teacher told us and my experience of the earth and the atmosphere, did not jibe. I went into a disconnect.

At that point I did not know anything about our Creator and Heavenly Father and, even though I did not believe the spinning baal-earth hoax, I had no alternative to fall back on and was and felt, for several years after this awful news, completely lost. This is how schooling devastates children. That is the main milestone of "schooling".

Never mind the fact that we were simultaneously being taught that mankind evolved from apes. I rejected that thought out of hand, but as mentioned above, I had no alternative.

But all you have to do is open your eyes. And see what you are looking at.

If the earth were spinning, we could not track the pathway of the sun. Or moon - or stars for that matter. So simple, and yet this argument is lost on most.

For me, that is the end of the discussion.

Moreover, though, according to "science", which vaunts itself above the Authority of the Lord God Almighty, there is this little law of "energy and entropy". I don´t know that much about it, but on the basis of that, one must question the reason for and the ability of the earth to spin, not only around itself but around the sun as well. If the world is indeed turning and circumnavigating the sun, some power must needs be driving it around. And guiding it around, as well.

What could that power be?

*There are many kinds of Baal-games: footbaal, basebaal, basketbaal - even Ballet is a ceremony for baal.

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