• eschedor1964

Re-imagining Synthetic Biology

I just googled WEF and the article contained within the link above caught my eye. I have just finished reading it and now my mind is boggled.

We already know what God thinks of our imagination. That no good thing can come from it.

We also know that Biology was made by God. Only He can generate and regenerate the Biology that He made.

What is synthetic is artificial, counterfeit, what some might call "fake". In other words, not naturally occurring. Not made by God but by the forces of evil, bent on perversion.

So what we have here is an article about the emergence of artificial life forms. And a plea for the good reader´s understanding and all that entails.

The writer(s) of this column are using deception on many levels.

First of all, what really strikes me, is the undercurrent of accusation against existing dogma that does not allow for "change". This dogma the forces that should not be are fighting against and contending with is the Lord God Almighty. They know that, but they do not want you to know. Therefore the veiled explanations.

At the same time, the article is permeated by a note of complaint against an "old system" that will not give way to the "new", which in actual fact, the El-ites created and devised for us to be enslaved in. (1)

This use of the "dialectic", double-speak, serpent language, is confusing to the reader, who on some level recognizes contradiction but is unable to successfully identify and unlock the true meaning. This is of course, the goal of sorcery, to disquiet and disarm and confuse the victim into unconscious, quiet, trance-like submission.

The article pushes disrupting the "status quo", which are the Laws of God. You see, this whole paradigm we are dead in is about rebellion against the Most High.


"SynBio contributing to the priority human challenges of exceeding planetary boundaries and climate change through development of targeted products and services." What does this mean?

First of all, mankind is not "human". Humans are primates. Please look it up.

Next, why is "exceeding planetary boundaries" considered a "priority"? For whom? And what exactly is meant by exceeding planetary boundaries? Haven´t they already gone to the moon and to Mars? What more do they want? How far is it they plan to go and why? What for?

„Moving beyond the hierarchy that sets out Western knowledge as the prize and other knowledges as less important will be key. We believe that ways of knowing and doing that have been marginalized, silenced, rendered invisible are likely to add considerable value to shaping SynBio and diffusing its valuable outputs around the world.“

Let´s consider this statement. What is “the hierarchy that sets out Western knowledge”? Who created “the western world”? Was it not Esau, the Philistines and the rest of the Canaanites? Here too, the accusation permeates that there exists an Authority higher than the El-ites, whom the serpent worshippers wish to eradicate. But of course, they need our help. They need our “consent”.

What sorts of "knowledges" and “ways of knowing and doing” have been “marginalized, silenced, rendered invisible”, why and by Whom? Could it be the Lord God Almighty who has declared their sorceries and witchcraft, including “tech-knowlogy” damnable? Could it be the authors of iniquity want to trick you into rejecting your Creator and joining in their riotous ranks?

Without a real introduction, much less balking, these scribes go right over to medias res. This is their point: “In this reordering, knowledge that is not only profit seeking will be generated and deployed.”

Reordering? Do they mean: re-set? re-imagining? This mumbo-jumbo is tantamount to devising ways to break God´s natural order and laws, testimonies, statues, commandments and most of all - His Judgements.

You see, it is not only “about the money”. (2) In fact, it was never ever only about the money in the first place. Money is the pretext. So is the "Economy" and "Ecology". It is about your soul. You must guard it, your enemy prowls around as a ravening lion seeking whom he may devour and whose soul he may steal by seduction, with your blessing of complacency, indifference, ignorance.

And now, an admission: “When technologies are produced according to the rules of an extractive economic system, as we have seen in vaccines and the climate, the results are not only suboptimal but accelerates (sic!) the destruction of an already very fragile natural ecosystem.” Here the minions of the forces of the air actually admit that their system is “extractive” (whatever that means) and that they themselves are the producers of the resulting technology. These wicked manufactured the vaccines and the climb-it, which is destroying our natural ecosystem created by the Almighty Father.