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Aktualisiert: 15. Sept 2021

Ferrolysis: It makes your blood boil (Daniel 2.43)

Have you ever wondered why you simply cannot find a single article of clothing anymore that is made of 100% cotton? Just cotton and nothing else? No additives or preservatives? Just pure, plain, homely, comfie cotton? When I was young up until my mid-40´s, I was still able to find clothing made of 100% cotton. Now it is virtually impossible and has been for several years.


The short answer is that "textiles" are manufactured with "electrically conductive coatings" often mixed with cotton and sold under names such as "elasthan" "poly-esther" "poly-amid" "nylon" "spandex" "lycra" and others.

Whereas cotton is a poor conductor of electricity, "textiles" do the trick they are meant to perform, in order to "get the iron into the clay" as per Daniel 2.43, by literally conducting heavy metal aerosols sprayed into the atmosphere directly into our blood, bones and brains vis metallic fibers now found in clothing, through our skin.

This "trick" is known to those who worship the serpent as "metallurgy", which is, precisely, the destruction of the "clay" of Creation, and in particular of the pinnacle of Creation, which is Mankind (as opposed to "humans") (1) in an all-encompassing effort to annihilate the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Messiah, our Savior and Redeemer. (2)

This is the purpose of "chemtrails", which "textiles" facilitate on our bodies of clay. Via electricity, the blood is literally cooked so that the red blood cells take-up more of the so-called nano-particulates than if the blood were left alone as God intended. And the results are grave, provoking Wrath.

(1) a "human" is a primate. Look it up.

(2) Known as "Theurgy"

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This article is related, I just found it - the dominant process for clay disintegration: Ferrolysis:

"Nanoparticle mediated plant transformation has the potential for genetic modification of plants for further improvement." Improvement? "Disease resistance"? This is reverse engineering of what God Created and called "good". Why must everything He made be "trans-formed"?: