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Mandela Effect

The mandela effect is of course a lie, which purports that "quantum physics" is "changing" established phenomena.

Who or what is driving "quantum physics" but the devil pretending to be the Creator and utmost Authority of all that is?

The purpose the the mandela effect is to undermine the Word of God in our minds, to make-believe that He can change.

If He can change or be changed, then He is not God and that is the whole point of the New World Order, a re-set to godless- and lawlessness.

We are to question our own memories and doubt them. Ultimately, we are to realize we have no memory, we do not know the truth; there is no truth. Or: all truths are acceptable, there are no absolutes.

Which is of course rubbish.

There is only one truth and that is in Messiah, our Creator and Savior. Receive the love of the truth.

Please do not exchange the truth of God for a lie (Rom 1.25) or God will give you over to strong delusion. (II Thess 2.11)

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