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Joshua, Father of King David

King David was an Ephrathite, he was of the Tribe of Ephraim, who is the firstborn of God. (Jer 31.9) David is also called God´s firstborn (Ps 89.27)

Therefore, David is not of Judah, who was issued out of the union between Jacob and Leah and was the 4th born. Judah married Canaanite women, and Tamar was very likely an Edomite. (1) In my Bible, the city of Tamar is located very close to Edomite territory. This is a well-kept "secret". I wonder, why?

The name Tamar is linked with incest twice in the Bible. Once in relation to Judah and later to a son of David, named Amnon. (2Sam 13.1-22)

In the case of Judah, the offspring was ½ edomite, or “jewish”. This was foreknown to the Heavenly Father; Judah was cut off when he “defrocked” his brother Joseph in an act of violent rebellion that sent him into slavery. (Gen 37.28) The Almighty is the God of Israel, not Judah.

Of course, after the fact, scribes of all sorts have been scrambling for ages to “redeem” Judah on paper in order to establish his house as the Messianic line in the minds of deluded men.

Obviously to no avail, Joseph has been the Prince all along. (Gen 42.6-8) Joseph fed the people bread and gave them water to drink. He kept them alive. Just like Messiah does. Joseph was the root, out of which David, and ultimately, Messiah grew. (Is 11)

Judah said the whore who gave birth to his children was "more righteous" than he was. (Gen 38.26)

Therefore, we know that Rev 5.5 has been forged to read “Judah” when it should declare Joseph as the “root”.

Who is David´s father then?

I believe David is related directly to Joshua. This is not compelling evidence, it is partially on the lack of evidence that I base my evaluation. But also on the meaning of his name.

Joshua is alternately called Hosea and Jehoshua in the Bible, ostensibly to confuse matters. (2)

Joshua means “Deliverance” or “Deliverer”, Hosea “Savior” and Jehoshua” means “God is Deliverance”. (3)

Clearly, the three names are identical in meaning. (4)

Joshua was the son of Nun, who was a son of Ephraim. (1 Chron 7.26-27)

But no one seems to know who the sons of Joshua were. Nor are we privy to the knowledge of who his wife was, though there is some conjecture that Joshua married Rahab, the whore. (Josh 2, 6)

This idea is as insane as it is inconceivable, its purpose is to distract and degrade Scripture and debunk our Redemption, available only through the true Messiah alone. (5) The "Noahides" are calling our belief in Messiah "idolatry" (6)

Because of the suppression of information about Joshua´s own wife and children, I believe he may have been the true father of David, who may or may not have been of “Jesse”, (7) who could be a fictitious "stand-in" for the real thing.

Joshua was, however, beyond all doubt, a son of Joseph. And so were David and Messiah.


  2. Satan has many linguistic tricks. One of them is “conflation” to join together what should be put asunder, e.g.: “jews” are not “Hebrews”. Another is the opposite, which one might refer to as “disassembling” – instead of using one name, many are called forth in order to create confusion and disconnect, e.g.: the name Joshua being “changed” into Hosea and Yehoshua. These names are so different, one does not correlate them immediately, if at all or ever.

  3. Yehoshua is Yeshua as well. The “jews” call their “messiah”, who is satan, Yeshua Hamashiach.

  4.; claims that Joshua is Messiah´s father also. Careful though, the webhost appears to be a Jesuit.

  5.; this fable is akin to the one about Messiah "marrying" Mary Magdalene: