• eschedor1964


What is the glow-baal really all about? And the glow-baal War (ming)?

This narrative is a ruse of witchcraft and a spell, to make us believe that not only is the earth round, hollow in the middle and spinning around itself but that our “planet” is circulating the sun. In a word, the glow-baal meme and scheme is all about sun-worship. A false cosmology honoring a false god.

What is the sun? The sun is RA, the power of the air, satan, the fallen angel, the distorted, destructive individual who is seeking to take control of the very air we breathe, polluting it with heavy metals and cooking us with unnatural heat from hell and telling us that it is all our fault.

Satan has many different names but his story is always the same: he wants to destroy His Creator, the Lord God Almighty, Messiah and Savior of all Creation, including all of mankind.

How can satan destroy His Maker? He cannot. But he thinks he can and he has convinced all of his minions that he is able through wishful, magical thinking, which is not thinking at all, but rather an urge. An urge to demolish, crush, break-down, kill and destroy.

How can satan destroy the earth? Very easily. Satan is the power of the air, the air force. And, the prophet Daniel has told us how the enemy will de-construct what the Almighty Creator has so perfectly put together: by mingling the iron with the miry clay (Daniel 2.43).

We are being chemtrailed and microwaved to death. Slowly but surely. And given the blame for the “pollution” because we breathe too much, when in fact the trees providing Oxygen are being suffocated and smothered. The problem is not CO2 but lack of Oxygen to breathe.

Animals are also considered detrimental to the “climate” and we shall soon see a catastrophic rise in animal slaughter to appease the god forces and his kindred of the ethereal realm. Which segues perfectly with the so-called "Noahide Laws".

What does it mean?

Alchemy is about replacing the true rock with the false one, by dissolution.

(Deut 32.31) By adding ingredients not found in nature to natural, created substances in order to dissolve them. By cooking, as it were, the “iron” into the clay to make it break and fall apart. And to dissolve, as though what is now alive never was. This process is called "reverse-engineering", a fancy term for de-construction of the Heavens, the Earth and the Word. This is what satan worshippers call "the great work": the re-engineering of Creation - i.e.: the undoing of it.

If this plan of satan´s were to be realized, the Word of God would be made of none effect. The unchanging sovereign God will have been proved a liar and incompetent instead of omnipotent. And satan will become the real Creator in a perverted sort of way. You see? It is all inverted.

You may ask, why would satan´s minions want to be dissolved and destroyed? First of all, the red rogues of satan are deluded and their only instinct is to lie and to kill. The other answer is found in Gold.

Satan has convinced his minions that Gold is the key to changing the constitution of creation into beings like himself, an everlasting god who has freed himself from the bondage of Life found in His Creator. Even dull lead can be trance-formed with the help of a little HG, which is the symbol for Gold. Hence also the "golden age of lucifer".

(This is why I believe the mark of the beast will be a golden stamp, which will ensure the bearer be conformed to the image of satan, who is the beast.)

At any rate, we are stuck in the middle of the spell of “climate, change!”, which is not only a curse, but a command: the cabal and the forces that should not be WANT the climate to change.

In fact, the climate MUST change, in order for the New and improved Tower of Babel to be unveiled. Mankind must submit to the lies and comply with them in order for the man of sin to finally be revealed and take his place at the seat which has been especially prepared for him in Berlin. Mankind must agree to lawless and godlessness, at which point the climate will change and God will finally bring His Wrath upon the children on Cain once and for all.

This is what witchcraft is all about: obvious lying about reality in order to “change” it, making mankind believe in change (remember Obama´s mantra?) in order to bring it about. This is what abra-ca-dabra means: as I speak I create. What I say, happens.

It is childish, wishful thinking - in reality - , but at the same time dangerous and deadly. And utterly tyrannical and despotic.

That is why we must “wake up” and grow up now, today, this minute, and face the truth of reality so as not to be deceived anymore by anyone or anything. (Matt 24.4) Our eternal souls depend upon our will to sober maturity and clear perception of the signs of these wicked and cruel times and understanding the euphemistic memes that control our thinking.

This is the object of “schooling”: to re-program our minds to reject the plainly obvious and inherently natural and to embrace the stupefying lie.

To indoctrinate into young hearts and minds lies that will blind children to our true purpose in life, which is serving and praising our Creator, who can and will only bless us richly if we let Him. We cannot let Him, if we will not. If we reject Him, as schooling requires us to do, He will ultimately reject us, as He will always honor the choices we make. Unlike the Adversary, who always applies force.