• eschedor1964

Climate Hub

Or should it be: Climb-it, Hub? Or better: Climb-it, Bub!

A sort of command to all. A spell cast, with an (empty) promise attached:

If we build it, he will come and you will climb it.

In other words: you will serve satan, bow down to him, swear an oath of fealty to the devil, sign it and seal the deal with uttered blasphemy of the Holy Ghost to the damnation of your immortal soul. (*)

After all, it is all about the Tower of Babel II, which is a relapse from the Days of Noah, a descent into hell brought to us by the FORCES of evil on this plane-t.

If you have a tower, you must have one who presides over it and that would be Beelzebub himself, who is due to manifest soon in the flesh and "cause" all of mankind to take his mark. (Rev 13.16-18)

Here is what the New York Times has to say about their "climate hub":

"Nine days of ideas to change our future, led by New York Times journalism. As world leaders gather in Glasgow for consequential climate change negotiations, join forces with inspired leaders, thinkers and doers from across the world to reimagine life on our warming planet. We’re bringing together scientists, inventors, academics, COP26 delegates, New York Times journalists and you. In person or online, November 3–11, 2021."

"Ideas" ... Remember George H.W. Bush and his speech on 9/11/2001 about the "big idea"? The big idea is the "Great Work", which is the bulldozing of Earth (dig-it-all = digital) and the demolition of Creation.

The number 9 signifies completion. Not only of their building project, but its final ruin and the demise of those who have conceived this wilful con-struction will come at the "breath of His mouth". (Is 11.4; 2 Thess 2.8) So much for their "big idea".

The "Climate Hub" is due to take place in Glasgow.

What a strange name, huh? Glas-gow. Gas-glow? (as in: gas lighting?) Glow-Baal?

I consulted the "anagram generator" on the internet and the first offering for "Glasgo" was: GAG-slow. Is that not fitting?

Considering that the sky is being plied with and the world population and all of Creation bludgeoned and "changed" daily by "chemtrails", which is nothing other or less than the alchemical gassing (Dan 2.43) and electric heating of mankind (1) and everything else that God made and called "good". But, the abomination will "not cleave" and those who "build it" or take part in the "building" are doomed.

It is the Holocaust - the burning - of Creation. The wrath of satan due to the old hatred. Fire and Brimstone raining down silently on the ever-oblivious, much too self-absorbed mankind. Scorching and suffocating Nature with "sun" and "clouds". And hardly anyone sees, feels or hears it. (Eph 4.19)

And, there´s that term "reimagine" again. The El-ites in their rebellion already "imagined" it once, what happened then? Do they really believe they will succeed in doing the self-same thing a second time? (**)

In reference to the blurb above, we are confronted - again - here with the 666 of "consequential climate change".

Consequence of what? Sounds like a threat.

How come and why is it that we need to "change"?

Basically, the forces of the air (Dan 11.38; Eph 2.2) have re-searched and dis-covered the old technology of the first Inundation, are currently employing it and have been for at least a century to destroy the Earth and the Fulness thereof. (Ps 24.1) The article asserts the coalition of "forces", which has nothing to do with power but with surreptitious, violent rebellion against the Natural Order of the Creator.

Since the Children of Cain and Esau believe they bear no guilt for their impending damnation, the blame for their own evil works is always put wrongly, but deliberately, upon Jacob, who accepts it willingly as part of his punishment for disobedience to his Savior. (Jer 31.11; Jer 46.28 et al.)

Who is Jacob? Jacob is Israel, a people, still scattered. (Jer 31.10; Is 11.12)

Now is the time for Jacob to wake-up up and become cognizant of who he is, what is really going on and happening to the plane-t, and realize his role in helping to identify and witness against his worst enemy, the greatest foe of the Almighty.

We do not need "change" (2), which is a euphemism for the reversal of prophecy and impending judgement, tantamount to that "re-set" they keep talking about.

What we need is the final reestablishment of the throne of Messiah, justice and righteousness on the earth. And it is coming. The prophets and Messiah said it was. And, if we are keen, we can see the signs taking place before our very eyes. In lieu of quotes I would encourage you to open your Bible and read it, the message of salvation and judgement and our great hope for eternal life are evident throughout.

The Almighty never changes. There is no real change in this evil realm, ruled by satan, simply the illusion of development, which is in actual fact, degradation and collapse. In spite of