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Book of Ishtar

Some will be horrified to hear that the Book of Esther, which is "Ishtar",

(both mean "star" = Lucifer)

does not belong to the Bible canon. It is anti-Christ.

The Book of "Esther" replicates magical thinking and inverts reality.

The wishful thinking of Esther is that the "jews" will eradicate their "enemy", who is Jacob, embodied in the person of Haman. (1) Or, ultimately, the Messiah, who is the enemy of the edomite god, Satan.

This is ironic, however, as Haman, according to the Book of "Esther" is an Agagite, or an Amalekite, Amalek being a grandson of ESAU. (2)

Messiah will eradicate both Esau and Amalek, however. (Obad 1.10-21, Ex. 17.14 et al)

A favorite "bible" quote cited by El-ites is the following:

Esther 4:14 "For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

This is a spell that has been forecast to the time we are living in presently, the last of the last days of this earth´s history.

"Ishtar" is "Lucifer", who is satan, whose aspects of manifestation are myriad. (3) Lucifer is destined to "come to" his "royal position" for a short time and the book of Esther is theurgically working out the details of his triumph over the children of Jacob as he sits in the temple declaring himself god.

But we know from Jeremiah that the yoke of the serpent seed will be broken from off Jacob´s neck at "this time". (Jer 30.8)

“This time” is all about overthrowing the Law of the Lord, which is perfect and entering into the “luciferian golden age” for eternity, which is the absence of time, separated the real God.

Moreover, the book of Ishtar is related to the “jewish festival” of Purim, which is anti-Christ. (4)

Conclusion: I have had done with reading the Book of Ishtar, which I have only read once or twice. It is a lawless, godless spell of destruction upon the real chosen people of God, a remnant of Israelites (and Judah – who is not “the jew”) that will not be realized and should therefore be discarded, if not excised from the Bible completely.

(1) Haman had 10 sons. All were hung instead of "the jews", whom Ishtar "saved". Why 10 sons? Why not 12? Perhaps Joseph and Benjamin of Jacob/Rachel were magically excluded? And by way of association the children of Joseph - Ephraim the firstborn and Manasseh? (Jer 31.9)

(2) The Almighty charged Saul with getting rid of King Agag, which Saul, the Benjaminite, did not do. Samuel, the Ephrathite, of the firstborn sons of God, got the job done. This is why Ephraim is hated by everyone, including his own brothers, Manasseh. (Judges 12)

(3) Hermes, father time, the serpent, the ox etc, etc. Maybe that is what is meant by “shape shifting”.

(4) During "purim", the individual forgives himself of his sins, past, present and future. There is no sin, therefore no need for a Messiah, a savior and redeemer. That is why purim is anti-Christ.

On Purim*:

*Admittedly, I have only skimmed these articles because they are rubbish. I do not recommend reading them, excepting you doubt that "the jew" is Esau, the enemy of Jacob and the destroyer of Creation.