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What on earth?

An invisible axis? You´ve got to be kidding!

Take a look at the thumbnail attached to this post.

Notice the contraption the baal-earth is drilled into.

What is strange about it?

It looks as though the rendition of landmasses painted on the baal have been tilted to give the impression the the earth is set aslant. Driving this point home is the screw through the baal. (Which should be invisible by the way).

Of course, it is an optical illusion. To give a false impression. To make you stray from the truth that is in you, to believe in lies and impoverish and demolish your soul.

Why does the earth have to be tilted? Probably in order for sunlight to project onto the landmasses. But how did the earth get tilted? Did God make a mistake and to fix it had an axis made and struck it through to assure sunshine for continued life on the plane-t?

Interesting how intelligent scientists believe in an invisible axis but not in the invisible God who created it. If it exists at all, which according to scripture it does not.

You see, this is just another cheap psy-op forced upon unwitting, gullible children being "schooled" to conform to the image of the beast. To believe in lies. And continue therein their entire lives, clinging to ludicrous deceptions that cannot save but will ultimately destroy them.

Train up a child the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Prov 22.6)

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